Adi Susila


Reformation in bureaucracy is a necessity as a reformation mandate launched by the university students for the first time.  It happens in region as well. To incarnate regional head and its vice’s vision and mission, they need to be supported by accountable, professional, trustable, transparent, and wise bureaucracy.  This writing tries to cover the strategy of bureaucracy reformation in Bekai Local Government. In arranging this strategy, one of the approachment that can be used is management strategy approachment.  Through this approachment, first, I will identify strategic issue faced by the Local Government of Bekasi in implementing bureaucracy reformation. Based on this strategy, reformation strategy in Bekasi Local Government is formulated. This strategy also has to consider the main task and function (abbreviated tupoksi) from local government bureaucracy where basically it can be grouped into three: the bureaucracy whose task and function makes policy; perform public service; and enforcement of rules.

Keywords: Reformation, Bureaucrachy, Regional Head and Vice Regional Head Relation, and Direct Regional Election

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